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Get to know Micaela Rothenbuhler, the outgoing redhead from Montville, New Jersey.

What made you want to model?

Being so tall, everyone has always told me to model but I never really considered it until recently… but I’m glad I did!

How would you describe your personality?

My personality is silly, sarcastic, and outgoing.

What’s something people may be surprised to learn about you?

People may be surprised to learn that I’m actually kind of a nerd. Despite modeling and being an athlete, I do really well in school and spend so much time doing school work that my friends practically have to drag me out.

What inspires you?

The sense of accomplishment I get after completing something to the best of my ability inspires me to do my best everyday.

How were you scouted by The Brick?

I was scouted through Instagram! I wanted to start modeling so I made my account public and used hashtags and woke up to a DM the next morning from The Brick!

What was your most embarrassing moment?

I embarrass myself on a daily basis, it’s really too hard to pick just one embarrassing moment.

Do you have any heroes?

My mom is my hero because she balances a full time job, volunteer work, and still makes time to raise my sister and I.

What are a few of your favorite things?

A few of my favorite things are my pets, taking baths, fuzzy socks, and scented candles.

What do you enjoy about being a model?

What I enjoy most about modeling is working with all different people that I would never have gotten to meet if it weren’t for modeling. Also--looking at the final pictures is always fun!

What’s your favorite hobby?

My favorite hobby is knitting. I learned how to do it this year in crafts class and I made a scarf and a hat.

What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is buffalo chicken pizza with ranch dressing on top.

Where do you hope modeling will take you in life?

I hope modeling will take me all over the world. I want to travel to countries I would not have the chance to visit if it weren’t for modeling.

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