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"Faith Vaughn was 11 when she was diagnosed with hypodontia, a term used to describe a case in which some permanent teeth never grow in. For Faith, it was her two permanent canine teeth. Determined not to let middle school bullying get the best of her, after a long stint with braces she had a retainer made with the teeth she didn't have. But that wasn't her."
"I don't feel like myself when I have those two fake teeth in my mouth," says the now-19-year-old model. "When I don't wear [my retainer], I'm more outgoing. I'm more confident in myself."
This is why, 99 percent of the time, you'll see Vaughn smiling big and bold, gaps on display, and encouraging others to do the same. "I just like to smile really big and make sure people see my teeth," she says. "This is unique. And I can help people feel inspired and confident in themselves."

Faith Vaughn for Allure Magazine in 'Show Your Teeth'

Article by Sarah Kinonen

Style by Amy Mach

Hair by Tsuki

Makeup by Allie Smith

Nails by Honey

Production by Noted Collective


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